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How to use this site

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How to Use This Site

Welcome to the Echoes In Time interactive web site.

There are several ways in which you can browse through the products, stories, and information provided on this site. We want your experience here to be comfortable and satisfying whether you are visiting us to shop for that perfect gift or simply interested in learning more about ancient people, through their art, artifacts and stories. It is our intention to provide a Web site that brings these things to you in an enjoyable manner and allows you to easily ask questions and explore.

Our objective in creating this site is to bring information to you on request rather than having you move through a series of static pages. You ask questions and the site responds providing the information you request. We have provided a variety of ways for you to request information from specific products or criteria to general themes and categories.

These specially selected individual items are those we feel are of particular interest. Their pictures appear on the right side of the home page. You are encouraged to click on the pictures to find more information about the specific item. Each time you return to the Home page or Shop Now page a new subset of our featured items will be presented.

Any of our search methods will provide you a list of items which meet the criteria you selected. Clicking any item in the search result will provide a product page with detailed information on the specific item. In addition at the bottom of each page you will find a selection of RELATED PRODUCTS that can assist you in locating related items with similar themes.

Each of these entries on the left side of many pages represent a quick way to conduct a search on some frequently asked categories of general interest. Clicking on any one of these general categories will take you directly to the products that fall within their predefined search parameters. These general quick search categories also appears at the top of every search page.

The unique HEADLINE Category presents a list of story headers for all products currently available. This permits the you to browse particularly interesting stories or questions, independent of time, place or culture.

Clicking either link will take you to a full service search page where, in addition to the Selected Categories, you will be able to search for items by Keyword, Culture, or Function. This page allows you an easy way to ask more specific questions and refine your search area without getting lost in a maze of confusion. Our site does the leg-work for you.

The Keyword Search allows you to enter any word or simple word phrase to search for specific areas or themes of interest. Sometimes the result of such searches can be fascinating and surprising. If you already know the product number for an item you wish to revisit, simply enter it in the Keyword Search.

Clicking Advanced Search on the Shop Now page provides even more question asking capability. Now you can add Time Periods, Continents, and specific geographical Locations to your search criteria. In addition searches will be conducted with multiple requirements (e.g. Keyword=child, Culture=Olmec, Theme=Ritual, Time= 1500-500 BC, Continent=North America).

Please note that these search criteria are general and products are revised frequently. In some instances there may be no products currently available which correspond to the specific search parameters requested.

Items carried by Echoes In Time have fascinating information and stories associated with them. Often the questions raised by a piece, its cultural background, the controversy or mystery it represents, simply canít be presented in a single paragraph or picture. The Story line provides an entry into a list of fuller stories and more detailed information related to specific pieces.

These Stories are part of a continuing research effort by Echoes In Time to provide the latest ideas, discoveries, theories about cultural items, their technology, use and relation to modern society. They allow us to present what is known, what is theorized and what remains a mystery. They permit us to discover the ingenuity of our ancestors and compare cultural decisions they made with similar ones we face today.

Stories, on both new and existing items are being added to our list continuously. Previous stories will be updated as new information becomes available. We hope you will enjoy this information as much as we enjoy the detective work in bringing them to you.

Threads represent themes, ideas, problems, and beliefs which appear to be universal. Here we explore topics which cut across time, geography and specific cultures. These can range from highly focused subjects, such as repeated development of the spoon, to exploring the apparently universal myth of man-animal transformation, to the role of drugs in various cultures. New thread topics will be added to the site on a continuing basis.

Please contact us with any comments, questions, suggestions or information regarding any of the products, stories, or threads.

For more information please see About Us.

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