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Cast Directly From Original
Individually hand made

Material: Filled Resin
  Name: Taino Manatee Purging Stick

The Taino Culture began about 2,500 years ago. evolving from an ancient tribal culture that had colonized Puerto Rico about 8,000 years ago. This beautiful piece was originally carved from the rib bone of a manatee, an animal much revered by the natives. During certain ceremonies, the Taino would induce vomiting with a swallowing stick such as this. The purpose was to purge the body of impurities, both a literal physical purging and a symbolic spiritual purging. The head is exquisitely carved in the form of a cayman while the back is carved with a powerful animistic god-like or ancestor figure underneath which is carved what appears to be a god's eye image. An optional stand is available for $19.95.

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