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P. New Guinea : Tribal Art (less than 100 yrs. old) : Wearable : Erotic, Sex
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Picture of New Guinean Tribesman Wearing Phallycrypt
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Authentic Artifact
Individually hand made
Each Item is Unique, Size and detail will vary
Size: variable, approx. 5.5" - 11"
Material: Natural plant & herb material, mounted on custom wood plaque
  Name: PHALLOCRYPT (woven, wall mounted)
Time: c. 19th - 20th century
Location: Papua, New Guinea

Phallocrypts, penis gourds or in the native language, horim or koteka, are the sole form of clothing worn by men in some primitive mountain villages of Papua, New Guinea. What we might call nearly naked, they consider fully and fashionably clothed. A traditional Dani man might have various horim for different occasions; many highly decorated with fur, feathers, seeds, shells and other ornaments. They are also used as pockets to hold cash, cigarettes, and other items. This cool and practical tropical garb offends the government of Indonesia, who tried to ban it, and has currently become a rallying point for the Free Papua Movement.

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PHALLOCRYPT (woven, wall mounted) $64.95 Limited Quantity NGTY001Z
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PHALLOCRYPT (woven, with stand) $64.95 Limited Quantity NGTY0014
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