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P. New Guinea : Tribal Art (less than 100 yrs. old) : Instrument/Tool : Sports & Hunting
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Picture of More Y'alos
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Authentic Artifact
Individually hand made
Each Item is Unique, Size and detail will vary
Size: variable, approx. 6-9" x 3" x 3"
Material: Natural plant & herb material, with a custom metal base
  Name: Y'ALO
Time: c. 19th - 20th century
Location: Abelam Tribe, Maprik Culture, Papua New Guinea

The Maprik live as their ancestors, in the jungles north of the Sepik River. They are among the fiercest tribes in the world, only recently eliminating headhunting. Realizing the high cost of war for everyone, inter-tribal disputes are settled with Y'alo, which means both 'top' and 'making a decision'. Warriors carefully prepare a top using wood, paint and magic. On the battlefield each steps up and throws his spinning top toward a triangular area prepared by the women. In the end, the tribe with the most tops inside wins the dispute. These simple objects from a remote and fierce culture remind us that conflicts may be resolved peacefully.

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