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Egypt : Reproduction : Wall Piece
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Exclusive to Echoes In Time
Life size
Hand Painted
Size: 6.25" x 5" x 1"
Material: Cast Stone
  Name: AKHENATEN (wall stele)
Time: c. 1360 BC, 18th Dynasty
Location: Amarna, Egypt

Only one Pharaoh in 3000 years was called the Rebel King, Akhenaten (1372-1355 BC). He changed his name (from Amenophis IV); erased his father's name from temples; instituted a new Sun god, Aten, as the only god of Egypt; closed the temples of other gods; and abandoned the capital at Thebes for his new city of Tell el-Amarn. With his beautiful wife/cousin Nefertiti, he eliminated solemn art styles and elaborate ceremonies of worship. Ultimately, he may have been murdered. His son, Tutankhamen, restored the old ways and defaced Akhenaten's images. This is a full size reproduction of a relief carving of Akhenaten from his 18th dynasty city of Amarna.

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