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Cast Directly From Original
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Life size
Size: 1 1/8" tall x 3/4" wide x 1/4" deep w/ 18" chain
Material: Sterling Silver
  Name: GOLDEN SHAMAN NECKLACE (Sterling Silver)
Time: c. AD 500
Location: Malagana Area, Colombia, South America

This 1500 year old gold Shaman is from the jungles of Colombia. It is an exquisite work of art, with a crown of Macaw feathers (the sun bird); stalk fronds showing control over crops and health; and the snake vine in the left hand signifying transformation. The Shaman bridged both the spirit and human world and was knowledgeable in all aspects of life and death. This exact copy, molded from the original, illustrates the technology and artistry that went into its creation. Probably worn as a pendant by a ruler or important figure, this likeness could serve as a connection with the real shaman, invoking both his knowledge and protection for the wearer.

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GOLDEN SHAMAN NECKLACE (Sterling Silver) $63.50 In Stock COCJ0018
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GOLDEN SHAMAN NECKLACE (Gold Plated Sterling) $79.90 In Stock COCJ001R
GOLDEN SHAMAN PENDANT/CHARM (Sterling Silver) $38.95 In Stock COCJ0019
GOLDEN SHAMAN PENDANT/CHARM (Gold Plated Sterling) $58.00 In Stock COCJ0014
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