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Mayan : Scaled Reproduction : Wall Piece : Ritual, Shamanic, Magic

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Exclusive to Echoes In Time
Hand Painted
Size: 10" x 8"
Material: Filled Resin, mounted on custom wood plaque
  Name: VISION SERPENT (black plaque)
Time: c. AD 550 - 950
Location: Central Mexico

The Maya, one of the most advanced civilizations in the New World, had great libraries, advanced mathematics, and knowledge of astronomy. Their cities, architecture, and art astounded European Conquistadors. The "spirit serpent", a crucial figure in Maya religion, could provide a direct link between this world and the next. Invoking the spirit serpent required a blood sacrifice using blood of the invoker. After piercing the body and dripping blood on specially prepared "Jaguar papers", incantations were recited, the paper was ignited and, if successful, arising smoke formed into the spirit serpent that brought forth the person or god attempting to be contacted. This reproduction shows the blood soaked papers in a bowl at the bottom and the spirit, often an ancestor, emerging from the mouth of the serpent. This ritual, publicly witnessed, was one of the most important and sacred parts of Mayan religious life.

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